Sunday, March 02, 2008

An Evening in Paradise

Crossing the desert leaving a trail that wades
The odyssey for opulence that one undertakes
Gets lost in translation of the mind and soul
As the endless inquest implores its toll
The scorching heat and the burning sand
Every step is only harder than planned
The heavy feet take a pause to think
An oasis of thoughts soar, he yearns a drink
Thirsty for those days in the oasis called home
Home in a desert built by people very own
A place of respite from the endless rancor
Embodies the spirit of a solacing dancer

A lifetime spent in a tumultuous canter
The equine pace never seized by a damper
Dusk arrives with hope only to suspect
The ride is not over with all due respect
A structure of peace what an emotional marvel
Residence of your existence dare not say farewell
Affection showered by kin, not many who realize
Paradise is right here, exceeding in its size
Years at home seem like moments of pleasure
Moments those conform to an evening of leisure
Oh!! what I would do to see the sun not rise
Hope to bargain an endless evening in paradise

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Illusion and Reality

The burning globe meets the ocean blue
Like the desert dunes meet the sky so blue
The colorful bow when it showers in sun
Illusion or reality? May be a scientific pun
Reasoning, an enunciation that I knew them all
Never reaches a corner and it rolls like a ball
Chimerical goals to understand another person
As arduous as it is to reach the elusive horizon
Downpour of thoughts, I am drenched with words
Time for oration and I am parched with thirst
Togetherness a mirage, seldom an actuality
Blatantly evident in a consequential calamity
Support from several makes one stronger than the oak
Oh naïve illusionist, turn around and you will choke
Not a single soul, cannot let out a feeling sour
Just an illusion, it’s the fiction we all abhor
Clairvoyance of hope says have no expectation
Reality is far more real than futile speculation
Invariably judgment is at best an obfuscation
Reality may just be a convincing illusion.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

All Apologies

A melodious voice from around the world
A string of words like the warmth in cold
My heartbeat leapt almost three fold
The zephyr blew in with a dark cloud

Incipient rainbow to form a celestial bridge
Marred by an agent that clouded the ridge
No sun left to shine, just a moistened ledge
All seven colors lost before I made the pledge

The lance was thrust into a blooming rose
Stopped the florist and hoped he froze
Watched the rose and emotions arose
Sparks of fury just hurt my rose

A twisted mind and I try not to rend
Boorish actions ensue and hurt my friend
Only wish it had been an antonymous trend
Inept to explain what I’m trying to fend

Mighty winds and there were miles to fly
Shot in the wing with no feathers to fly
An honest attempt, for my thoughts don’t lie
All my apologies I know not how to cry

Monday, May 07, 2007

All I Want is Everything am I Asking Too Much ?

My life has been a dream and I hope it will continue to be so coz the moment I wake up I'll probably die. So discussing the paucity of time with my chum shanky back in Kolkotta I decided to list all the crazy things I wanna do before my wake up alarm rings.

  1. STAY SINGLE/Actually Fall in Love. (This is gonna be really hard. Urgh!!!)
  2. Drive a Mercedes S550 and do Kamikaze on a German Autobahn at 150 mph (Am I a safe driver or what!!!).
  3. Do wheelie on a Yamaha R1 on an Interstate at 100 mph. (This even scares me :-) )
  4. Bungy jump off a tall bridge with the jump ending with a soft dip in freezing water.
  5. Big wave surfing in Hawaii.
  6. Go on an African safari and experience what it is to be wild.
  7. Camp in the Amazon jungles for a fortnight before Brazil wipes it off the map.
  8. Trek all the way to reach Mansarover in the Himalayas.
  9. Ski in Interlaken, Switzerland.
  10. Trek the entire Appalachian trail in the Great Smoky Mountains.
  11. Stay in an igloo in Antartica.
  12. Watch the sunrise with the Lunar background at the North Pole.
  13. Go on a bike trip across Europe.
  14. Go scuba diving in Mauritius.
  15. Own a Mansion with a stable in New Zealand. (100 acres should be good)
  16. Watch wild Kangaroos and speeding Ostriches in Australia.
  17. Verify the beauty paegent secret of Colombia, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. ( :-) )
  18. Hitch-hike all over Latin America.
  19. Stay at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. (I am being Vain :-) )
  20. Drive a Formula 1 Mclaren Mercedes.
I'll update this with more. Basically will be a to do list of 40 things I wanna do before I turn 40.

Crazy suggestions and Crappy criticism are both encouraging. hehehe

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Moronic Irony

Intelligent I am said the yokel from town
Moron you are said the boss with a frown
Position & Power helps you adorn the crown
Well call him a moron or call him a clown.

Authority dictates the terms, not thoughts that leap
So freeze those thoughts and let the boss reap
Execute his imperative while your notions sleep
Morons rise in the power game that gives the creep

“Mechanical intelligence” takes one high up the ladder
Insightful actions oftentimes lead straight to slaughter
Moronic traits essentially not a congenital disorder
Morons in profusion just invoke a muffled laughter

Ain’t it ironic that a moron gets the world?
And the astute of brains utters but a muted word?
The genius in the mind often paves the road
The roads flooded with an efflux of a moronic crowd

Intelligence and ingenuity seem to lose correspondence
The plethora of morons have now tilted the balance
A wiz confines his wits to an academic brilliance
His success now contingent upon his moronic dance

Sunday, May 28, 2006

And I Hold on

Through the window I watch the morning dew

The breeze sublime with people so few

All wades away, I hear the ranting slew

And I hold on to the moments that flew

Struck with awe, I see the dome in sight

A dome of knowledge, I missed without a fight

At the end of the tunnel I see the light

Still in the tunnel and I hold on to my plight

A rare blend of emotions flood my insipid mind

Watch the city blending novel with the olden kind

Charles that flows with elegance hard to find

And I hold on watching the beauty turn me blind

An experience amidst several, treasured in the past

The past lost in the shadow that the present overcast

The time I try to stop only paces ever so fast

And I hold on to reality for it will forever last

Note: This poem is based off my visit to Cambridge, MA a few weeks ago.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Rising high touching the endless sky
Liberty that comes speaks with no shy
Insignificant a statue if trite to the eye
Alone it stands and lets the world espy

Pleasure it is to watch the ocean blue
Bluer round the islands, get the clue?
Can dismiss the idea, it’s just a milieu
Islands are alone let the thoughts chew

Success is struggle, you need no rest
He was just a human atop Mt Everest
Effort of several, one climbs the crest
Alone he stands, tries to live with zest

Higher one climbs, steeper the ascent
Lonelier it gets as you add each cent
Glorious they think is to live in a pent
Alone if you are, is it better than a tent?

Paradoxical!! Need to strike a balance
Lest you should encounter nonchalance
Alone in time with hope for a chance
Loneliness kills as it thrusts it's lance